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Loved the bit about Bob the Bull! How did it compare with Gibson's - would you recommend we drop our yearly Gibson's visit for Burke's? More importantly do they do martinis anywhere near as well? Hard to believe...

Gibson's is different. I think the meat at David Burke's is better, and the sides more reasonable.

It would certainly be an option to consider.

It sounds like it is not far from Gibson's. Could one - for example - have a pre-prandial martini at Gibson's before strolling to Burke's for the steak? And thus have the best of both worlds?

And what did your companion (I'm assuming I know who it is - a meat eater who recently had a birthday perhaps?) think of the place compared to Gibson's? Because if I'm thinking of the same person, he was a pretty huge Gibson's fan!

One could certainly ejoy a cocktail at Gibson's before perambulating one's way a sextet of block South and thence infiltrating this gustatory establishment.

It was indeed who you are thinking of, and I think the eater-of-lentil-soup enjoyed the meal quite a bit. There was a distinct lack of peppercorning the steaks, but he was very enthusiastic about the South Side filet, and the oysters, which I neglected to mention in the review.

I don't know which he'd pick between the two, and that's a pretty high compliment to Primehouse.

Maybe they should just call the restaurant, "Burke's Bull's Babies' Bazaar"

Your 'semi-vegetarian' comments about Burke's bull babies is ridiculous, and reaffirms why close-minded gastronomes like yourself should not write food reviews. Of course people want to know where there food comes from... except people who don't like to be reminded that their caesar salad dressing is made from real animals and not from 'anchovy paste.' With the modern state of the cattle and poultry industries in America, I feel much much better knowing exactly where every piece of meat I consume comes from, how it was raised, and what it was fed as well as how many hormones and antibiotics were injected into its flesh. I do NOT want some anonymous piece of meat.
Stick with the lentils and fish next time.

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