Comments: Roast Loué chicken with lemon and fresh herbs


Great illustration of Golden, Brown, and Delicious!

Oooh, that looks lovely, Meg!

I agree that once someone tries good, free-range organic chickens raised locally, they will be astounded at the taste.

This is what chicken tasted like to me as a girl and I grew up eating my Grandpa's chickens from the farm. Battery-cage chickens are so mushy, flavorless and dull that they cannot compare to the firm, meaty flesh filled with flavor that the free range ones offer.

I made the "black" one for Margot's birthday dinner last week. Those chickens make it very easy for me to look like a great cook!

I have a loue chicken which I am cooking tomorrow. it weighs 1.5 kg. Is the 1hour timing at 180 degrees ,in a fan oven or a convection oven. I don't want to ruin it by overcooking.

I cook with a fan oven. To be absolutely accurate, I would recommend using a thermometer. That said, I didn't have one for years and never had a problem. Loué chickens are remarkably forgiving, and the lemon in the cavity helps to keep the meat moist even if you do leave it in the oven a bit too long.

Hope yours turns out well!

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