Comments: Spinach Pesto Pasta with Lemon Crusted Chicken


The pesto you made was great, but DANG we had a lot of basil. I think you successfully raised four or five varieties.

I should point out that "cooking" for me during this time consisted of pressing the buttons on the microwave and going to the door to pay the delivery guy.

All the cooking was done by the two females of the household, and our health was better because of it.

Barrett, I have never grown basil so successfully since. As I recall, aside from immediately after planting I never watered the plants and they just thrived! Wish I could do as well here, but I guess the weather just isn't extreme enough.

I guess the basil grew like the old joke:

Q: How do you plant zucchini in the Midwest?
A: Throw the seeds over your shoulder and RUN!

I can't believe you'd eat at Leona's more than twice. The 2nd time just to confirm it was as bad as the first. It's traditionally ranked as the worst Italian food in Chicago. In reality, it's not THAT bad, but its the eqivalent of choosing a chain restaurant when there are hundreds of other options.

We ate a lot of other places too, when the weather was bearable. But of the places that delivered, Leona's was far ahead of Domino's and its ilk. If nothing else, it was hot and filling and delivered. Anyway, cut us some slack - we were lazy 22 year olds!

Oh, and another point: if you read the story again, you'll notice that Barrett and i were willing (even eager) to try any of a dozen other options. Leona's was always for some reason the only one She would agree to. And we didn't have the strength of mind to outvote her...!

(Why that was the case would take 20 years of analysis, which would not be interesting reading.)

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