Comments: Shopping Locally at the Organic Market


"Where is it from?" I repeated patiently. Burkina Faso. Which is not a part of France.

I admit to being slightly puzzled by this. Did you think mango might have been grown in France?

Well, no, not at this time of the year. I was interested, however, in seeing exactly how far it had travelled. You can get mangos from Spain in early summer and they are actually grown in France but only available in late July and August. I discussed the mangos with the woman who has my favourite stall in the Seine and Marne region (and she was the one who confirmed the season for me).

I knew they were out of season and therefore most likely not from the area.

Excellent detective work. You can learn a lot at a farmer's market, no? If you are interested, Google Maps now covers Western Europe, in case you want to see how close you are to those towns.

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