Comments: Random Acts of Kindness in the Supermarket, Day two of Shopping Locally and a Leek Recipe


The exact change thing is annoying. I'd be sorely tempted to jingle a pocket full of change as I answered "Why no, I don't. Don't you and this multimillion dollar company plan to have enough change to satisfy the needs of the customers who made your stockholders rich last year?"

Meg, in all my years with my boyfriend he comes home with pockets full of change each day which just piles up --much to my aggravation. Since living in France, I cant keep a single coin to save my life because the sales staff want every single coin you have on your person--its a very strange phenomenon. I have to fight them off just to ensure I have change for the laundromat. Although I did hear that in France the shops have to pay the banks a fee to get change and that perhaps is why they are so eager to wait for our coins? Either way, it does get annoying ;)

Michele, somehow my dear spouse manages to avoid these change-stealers...probably due to the fact that he never sets foot in a grocery store unless I have a particulary potent guilt trip going.

On the other hand, I consider this change the "laundry tax" for being the one who does the most work in this area. We have one of those coin sorters and I throw it all in there (and sometimes the stuff he leaves scattered around the flat for good measure). I'm not sure (yet) what "we" are saving up for, but we have about 50 euros so far tucked away in paper rolls!

Just something to bear in mind in case you ever leave this strange coin-loving country!

But I still really hate it when they exact change after you have visibly demonstrated that you don't have it!!

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