Comments: Grilled Onions, Living Ginger Ale, and the Best Pizza in Chicago


Cebollitas definitely make for an amazing side dish. Grilled is definitely the way to go. The best spot to find them is a Mexican market, where they're usually plentiful and cheap.

Also, they're often available (cooked) at taquerias, and darn tasty. I recommend the ones at Comales.

Thanks for the pizza tip! Also, on the cebollitas, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a pinch of salt just as you serve them is heavenly!

Lime juice! Monica - that's a great idea. I'm glad I still have a bundle in the crisper.

Thanks for the tip on Bellona's. I'll be in town this weekend for the Fancy Foods show, hopefully I'll have time to check it out.

mexican cuisine has more yummy and mouth watering food items -you could experiment with non-vegetarian items other than onions , or , maybe , even acombination of both. it would surely be enjoyable. however , too much aof agood thing may turn out to be bad . although , mexican food is appetising , yet , it is too aspicy , and excess intake of the same may damge the digestive system.

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