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Down here they deep fry the plantain. Twice. And sometimes they are then topped with melted cheese. I wonder if the healthfulness of Colombian cooking is correlated to the high rate of liposuction? These are called patacones - had a good one last night, in fact. It's about the only way I eat something in so close relation to the banana.

I love plantain!
It's delicious with a goat curry!
(jamaican recipe)
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I like black plantains simply panfried in peanut oil into which a bit of butter has been melted.

That is the Cuban way--with black beans and rice (Moros y Christianos) and Vaca Frita or Ropa Vieja, they are fantastic.

This was my first time ever cooking with plantains. I'm glad its brought some great suggestions. Barbara, I like the Cuban suggestion. I've always loved Cuban food.

I use to cook plantain here in French Guyana
They taste great in curry or whith fish.

It's delicious,i'll try your recipe. We served it usually with fish

We use this dark plantains too..dip in a batter of all purpose flour and deep fry, sometimes with a coconut filling.

THe best thing about -PLaintins is that they are low in Fat Quantity and rich in CAlories. So , all you foodies out there who are looking to fill your stomachs without putting on weight , plaintians are asure and healthy substitute for rich food low in nourishment qualities.

when i lived in west africa all the street vendors would take the blackest plantains, deep fry them in red palm oil, and serve them with a chili tomato paste. Mmmmmm!

I want to know whar Sweet Plantains are.

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