Comments: Fankhauser put to the test (gingerly)


One thing that caught my eye on a Per Se menu was a simple gin and tonic, but using an in-house tonic. I imagine it's so much better than the store bought. Ginger ale even more so since we've strayed quite a bit from what ginger ale really is. It's all artificial flavoring now.

Hmmm. Yeast in soda? I'm not a big soda drinker. Is that really how soda gets carbonated? Tell you what, I'm not rushing out for any just now, but I'm curious to see how your experiment turns out. Next will you make ginger beer?

It's hot here, so I squish my soda bottle a little before capping it. Otherwise it might explode.

I've been making ginger drink for years that I originally found in the Plain Dealer food page. 1/4 lb. grated ginger,1 qt.boiling water, 2 c. sugar and 1/4c lime juice. let sit out fro 3 days and then put in fridge. but a bit of yeast?? Very interesting. This makes for a strong potion and usually needs to be diluted with water 2+:1. A bit of rum if you wish. Give it a try.

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