Comments: Cabbage Gratin with Cheddar and Mustard Seeds


I had the same problem with my second cabbage half. The Redhead hates coleslaws and I didn't have any good ideas for the second half of the head.

And now, I do. Nice recipe.

Oooh. That sounds really, really good, Meg. Thanks!

I've been good--been eating lots and lots of greens (and kimchee!) and taking my prenatal vitamins (which smell funny and are hard to swallow) as well as extra folic acid supplements!

But--I may have to make a wee gratin dish of this for myself, as neither Zak nor Morganna will touch cabbage. Infidels.

Well, actually, Barbara, I was never in any doubt after reading your posts about whether you were getting your vitamins! But it did make me think of you - when I was pregnant I was terrible about remembering to take those big horse pill supplements, so I tried hard to get lots of greens!

Oh, and definitely take a look at Barrett's salad, which is fantastic. In fact, it has lentils, which ALSO have folic acid!

Can you OD on that good stuff?? ; )

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