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Justin, I guessed there was an exception to the meatless rule - Barrett and the Redhead have a few too. (Including the When Meg is In Town And Wants A Steak At Gibson's rule, which allows Barrett to also order a big thick juicy steak - yay!) I have to say that the recipe sounds very tasty, so I can understand why you were tempted into trying it. I've had mixed results from the epicurious site myself. Over time I've come to the conclusion that it's a good place to look for inspiration (apricots) but not necessarily for recipes. Seems like you are in the same place!

It sounds so good, I know. To me, it's a shame that all those spices get overpowered by the wine. Maybe I'd be happy if I used a cup of wine and one of broth?

Justin, I made another brisket recipe that I found on a popular food website. It was entitled Wine Braised Brisket and is one of Wolfgang Puck's recipes. I just had to replace the flour with matzo meal for Passover. It was elegant, tender and delicious and everyone raved about it.

Oh, this is an easy one, DER. How come you didn't call?

There's no WAY IN HELL a brisket will be any where near done that soon. Can't happen.

Please redo the recipe as shown, knock the temp to 300 and cook for no less than 5 hours for a 6lb brisket. 6lbs is maybe half of a full brisket.

It's like pot roast, it can't be done in 2.5 hours or even 3. Sorry. They lied.

How do I know? Because of the wine and the toughness of the meat. If it was done correctly, all flavors would have mellowed and you wouldn't have cooked all the fat out of the brisket.

Feh, you're doing fine.

Let me know how the second one comes out.


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