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Thanks for the great recipe! I can't wait to try them. Love the "dish" on Queen Mary :)

Can't wait to try these little gems. I loved the line about toiling so long for so little taste. It's happened to me with recipes that turned out bland or unimpressive!

I love this post :)
Tossing in chopped chives would be nice too!

I made similar biscuits a couple of months ago, caraway seeds or chopped rosemary are a nice addition. My butter was also too soft, I just made a log out of the dough, chilled it and sliced it into thin discs. They are delicious, beautiful picture!

Ooh, Dana, that sounds like a great idea - the spices and the log. I think my next batch will be a chilled log with rosemary!

Abebooks always seems to have just about anything you're looking for at a decent price (I recently got a nearly pristine first edition of the 30-year-old From Julia's Kitchen for less than $20), and sure enough, they list sixteen booksellers offering Royal Chef: Though this one sounds like it might be every bit as exciting as the recent best-seller in the genre, A Thousand and One Sugar-Free, Low Sodium, Non-Dairy, Non-Fat, Cream of Wheat Recipes, I think I'll give it a pass.

I have just made a batch of these delicious delectable biscuits - thank you so much for sharing this recipe with the world - they are totally divine and I will be taking them to my art group tomorrow to show off - but also have printed a copy for each person - because I know someone will ask for the recipe. I really appreciate your generosity in putting this recipe on the web.

Stumbled on this book review when researching my grandmother who worked as head pastry chef at St James's Palace during reign of George V. What a find- I will be hinting for a copy for Christmas as it will give some insight into the work she did and her life, so thank you for sharing. Can't have all been bland food as my granny was an awesome baker!

I am so excited to see your blog even though its 6 years old. My friend is a film producer and has been looking for this book for a long there any way we could purchase it from you as she is looking into making a film about Gabriel Tshumi but we are having trouble finding who currently has the copyright to this book. Is there any way we could talk about buying or borrwoing it ..I am writing from Dublin, Ireland.?

The link to Abe books in a previous comment does not work any more. However, if you go to the Abe site and search for Gabriel Tschumi, there is currently a copy for sale at £20.

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