Comments: (Another) Flourless Chocolate Cake


Nice. So how did you do the Star of David in the center? Did you have a special shield or did you improvise something?

I just cut out a stencil (made with Powerpoint) and sifted the cocoa powder over it. That said, I DO have a special shield. All Jews are issued them at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

you mentioned that you substituted butter for margarine, but i think you forgot to include -how much- to use...

it still sounds like an amazing recipe. thanks.

Enough to brush on the bottom and sides of the pan. A couple of tablespoons, I suppose.

Oh-I am so glad to see a good cake that has been road tested for passover...our sedar will be this weekend and I will certainly make this-plus the jewish star on top is way cute!!


hope this post works today

Great recipe. Thanks so much. I, too, loved the star on top.

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