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this was delicious, definitely worth a try! i have more photos here and here.

Welcome back!

You have ripe tomatoes in Chicago?? All I can find here is pink watery things that are all on the verge of spoiling...ick...

The cherry tomatoes at Trader Joe's have been pretty acceptable this year, and the Fruteria around the corner from us always has at least one type of tomato that smells at least a little like a tomato.

With all these quinoa recipes, surely we can get some sponsorship cash from the Quinoa Growers of South America (or their lobbying arm--deep pockets). Want me to approach them with this idea?

I see the Egg Board people got to you, too...

Justin, I'm shocked. We would NEVER take money from the Quinoa Growers of South America! And we most certainly would NOT take those bribes in budles of small denomination bills in small brown paper bags left behind the loose radiator in the train station on the 1st and 15th of every month.

I mean really.

Oh, perfect! I've been wanting to try quinoa, I have a bag in my cupboard, but I've had no idea what to do with it. Now I know! :)

Anne, if you do a search on the TMC site for quinoa, you'll come up with a bunch of good recipes. We've done a lot with it recently.

Barrett, we made this tonight and enjoyed it greatly. Good one. By the way, you should totally snack on that fried garlic. Don't let that go to waste.

Justin- very cool! I was just eyeing that quinoa fritter you did and thinking of trying to extend the recipe.

It would have been amusing if we'd done that on the same night!

I will be making this soon. Looks delicious!

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