Comments: Dinner for Me, The Boy, The Cat


...I'm with The Critic on liver...unless it's from a duck, goose, or chicken!

No meat?

Actually, once or twice he's tried a small bite of mine when it looked particularly tasty in a restaurant and admitted it's actually not bad. But not good enough to overcome a lifetime of prejudice!

The cat and I say MORE FOR US!

We shall see how the boy goes - for the moment he's pretty open-minded but it may change.

I grew up loving liver. My mom and I cooked it with onions. We wouild totally gross people out by eating it. My grandmother loves it too! (3 generations in one house at the same time)

Now see, Tina, that seems to conform to my one-per-generation rule. Do you have any siblings, aunts or uncles who like it? In my family it was a direct line down from my grandmother to my mother to me!

Of course I was always one of those ornery kids who approached food with an open mind as soon as an adult said "you probably won't like this - it's grown-up food"! I remember hearing it about raw oysters and smoked oysters too - both of which I immediately decided I loved!

Sounds like a maternal line for most. Mine was different. Dad would make liver and onions when Mom worked on Saturdays. We loved it. My sister and brother never did. The husband doesn't and because of that, I'm not sure about the kid, but he's getting older and has discovered how good things are when you have to pay for them yourself.

Now I'm hungry for some liver.

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