Comments: Slow-Cooked Mexican Stew


Thanks for the great recipe! I will definitely add it to my Slow Cook Sunday rotation. I'm saddened by the fact that slow cookers sorta have this Better-Homes-And-Gardens-Not-Really-Cooking" stigma to it. I hope posts like this one will help shake it off!

I had the last of the leftovers today at lunch and I have to say I'm still really impressed by it. The pork was really flavorful and the gravy was delicious. The only thing I might change next time is to use more tomato sauce and maybe an extra pepper or two. Carrots instead of leeks could be interesting too.

With this unseasonably cold spring, I think I'll be doing some more experimentation for a while so do check back!

Looks awesome. Pork is probably the one thing keeping me from being a vegetarian (and an observant Jew).

Thanks for the recipe. I'm not a big lover of pork so I adapted this and used chicken, and the results were delicious. Had two portions last night and looking forward to having the rest for my lunch. I have friends staying over at the weekend and can seriously see me making it again as it's so easy to make.

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