Comments: March's Favorite - Winter and Spring Pasta


Yep, only saw a few snowflakes on the windshield in the 'burbs this morning. So this sounds good, cheese? Not even a little teensy bit? I thought sure it was a variation of Alfredo. If only I could be satisfied with soy in place of all creams and cheeses in my diet!

Not only no cheese, but no dairy. It's not an alfredo, though the protein from the soybeans and the fat from the almonds and olive oil make it feel like it is in the mouth.

I havn't calculated it our, but it should push the same buttons as fattier creamy pasta sauces while being much healthier

This looks like a variation on Cooking Light's Soba with Herbed Edamame Sauce. It is very good! While we are having a virtuous St. Patrick's meal, enjoy some green tea! Mmm...

I am looking for a recipe I saw in the USA Weekend "magazine" in our local paper. It contained Italian sausage, tomatoes, tomato paste, pasta and I don't remember the rest. Where do you think I can find this recipe? Thank you.

Lorraine, you could try searching the USA weekend recipe database:

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