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That's a great and better tasting way than the one I've seen to make green eggs.

The way I'd seen was done by Jesse Jackson on a morning news show a few years ago after he'd read Green Eggs and Ham on Saturday Night Live.

He added grape jelly to the eggs, which somehow turned the jelly and eggs green. This looks much tastier.

oh now i get it - In my minds eye it as always a fried egg (maybe it was the illustration in the book) and I could never work out how to make a green fried egg.

Scrambling them green. What a simple solution to the age old problem.

Sam, you are right - in the illustrations they are fried eggs. Amazing fried eggs that survive rain, wind, submersion in water and still come out tasty! And oddly enough the ham is green too...!

The only way I can think of doing them to REALLY food anyone would be to use a pinprick to introduce food colouring. But this works fine for a 15 month old!

I once saw Michael Chiarello do poached eggs with chive oil over prosciutto. . .on the grill. Looked awfully tasty. . .but not as good for you!

The recipe is on the food network website under green eggs and ham.

Wonder how eggs would taste with a mild pesto?

I had a "Green Egg Omelette" that was made with pesto for brunch a few weeks ago. They served it with shavings of parmesan. I had high hopes, but it was quite terrible, as was the rest of the meal and service that particular day...

My mom would make "green eggs & ham" by dicing bacon and mixing it into scrambled eggs along with a couple drops of food coloring. This looks a lot tastier.

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