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Long ago I worked in a supermarket and they would start playing Christmas carols they day after Thanksgiving. That was twenty five years ago. I've only just recently been able to stand listening to them again.

Dave it's so much worse in the UK - they start playing the music in OCTOBER! At least the existance of Thanksgiving and Halloween keep the marketers from starting it sooner. : )

Meg, it may have held them at bay here at one time, but I seriously saw Xmas decorations go up October 30th this year at Walgreen's.

It's creeping backwards.

Interesting.. when I got the 4 Things meme back in January the 4 highly recommended TV shows was not in there. I wonder when/how that got added.

In case you didn't know...Chris Eccleston is no longer Dr. Who which is bad news. The good news is...Cracker is back later this year! Not to mention Sharpe!

signed, TV addict.

Hi Meg, very sneaky encyclopedia selling trick! I didnt know that you had lived in Munich. Thanks for the tag, but David beat you to it on tagging me for this one ;)

The new Dr. Who is the bomb, Meg. And yeah, Chris E. is totally hot. ;-) My daughter has such a crush on him--it is adorable.

I can't wait until they are actually aired here in the US (yes, we have been pirating from the 'net--but as soon as the DVD's are available here in the US, we are buying two copies, so there--nyah). It would be nice to see them in good picture and sound quality.

I will do the meme sometime this week--I promise!

Barbara, when looking for a link to the series I saw two different stories saying it would hit the US on the 16th or 17th March, so he should be there soon! Tell your daughter she might want to check out the (also mentioned) series Cracker. He was great in that too - and so is Robbie Coltrane. (Though the latter is admittedly a lot les hot!)

Michèle, sorry - should have checked the others on David. Small world, eh??

Maki, we saw the first episode with the new Dr. Who. He seems okay, but I think we would have liked him a lot better if he hadn't been preceded by Eccleston!

That's exciting news about Cracker - we will definitely be looking out for it!

David Tenet will do okay, I think, he just has big shoes to fill on Dr. Who. I am very glad that Rose stayed and Captain Jack will return, though.

Meg, in the last week I have made your Leek and Stilton soup, Chicken Makani, and English Onion Soup. All 3 were fantastic! Thanks for the great recipes.

David, thanks a million for the comment! There is nothing as exciting as knowing someone tried one of my recipes (let alone three!) and liked it!

...must admit that I hadn't seen the news about Cracker, but am very excited by the prospect. Having seen the comments, I found the following link, where I also see that Coltrane comments on rumours about Harry Potter...which I also hadn't sseen!:

Just a minute. Quiet, everybody. Quiet ?? quiet. Now, this is
from London.
Mr. Gower cables you need cash. Stop. My office instructed to
advance you up to twenty-five thousand dollars. Stop. Hee-haw and Merry Christmas.
Sam Wainwright.

Gets me every time.

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