Comments: Flourless Colombian Espresso Chocolate Cake


Love it. I understand the problem with boiling things at high altitude. Can you explain the problem with baking with flour and baking powder?

Is it similar in that the steaming happens at a lower temperature, or is it a lack of air pressure so you end up with way too poofy cakes if you follow the sea level recipe?

A great baking book, and reference, is the book Chocolate Snowball by Letty Flatt, a baker and pastry chef who lives in Utah. Highly recommended!

Quite an appropriate cake for an Ambassatrix I might just know... would you know how cyclonic pressure and island humidity affects such a cake?

Wish I could have been there.

well it looks delish and i wish i could have tasted a piece--- could it have stretched to 15???? do you remember my pseudo-flourless torte? was either better than the other? this looks easy-- no separating eggs and folding in the whites. i'll soon give it a try!

Barrett, I don't know too much about the chemistry/physics of high altitude cooking. I should look into it.

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