Comments: Florentine Turkey Casserole


I hope we'll get a review from the recipient. That's quite a story about the Clio.

I sent her a link in case she wants the recipe. However, I wouldn't count on her making this a priority. With a four week old baby on her hands she's fully occupied...which is why I was bringing the casserole in the first place!

"once you've become a prospective or accomplished mother"

Ha! After almost 9 years at being called a mother, I am not sure that you ever feel accomplished! Every day s a new challenge. I am guessing that I will feel like I am winging it more often than not, for a very long time. But by the second one, I am more confident :)

Alisa, I meant "accomplished" in the sense of "having in fact become a mother" not necessarily talented or well-practised!!

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