Comments: Pasta with Pesto Pantesco


Wow. That looks amazingly yummy! I have done a bit of vegetarianism myself and love the pasta. I will definitely have to look for fennel and capers in Kyoto.

If you can't find capers, you could use olives and I think that'd be a good substitution. Honestly, the capers aren't the biggest flavor in the sauce. As for could up the proportions on the other herbs. Ah, the joys of cooking abroad.

I believe "pantesco" means "without pants".

Or in this case, it means "looks delicious". You're right about vegetarians often resorting to pasta. I try really hard not to do too many pasta dishes because I burn out on the stuff quickly.

Actually, "pantesco" refers to anything from Pantelleria, a Sicilian island that's supposed to have the best capers in the world, so making it without capers would be kind of sacreligeous. (Or perhaps sacrilicious, depending on if you like capers...)

(What's the sea salt for, by the way?)

Uh, the sea salt is a duplicate ingredient. Thanks for pointing that out. I deleted it. Also, thanks for the etymology lesson.

Sweth, we hate careful readers like you! (Just kidding... ;))

That sounds fantastic. Do you think you could use some fennel bulb in place of part of the fronds? I've never seen the fronds sold separately and on the bulb there is usually only a little wispy bit.

I'm not sure about substituting the bulb for the frond. I certainly encourage experimentation, but I fear the bulb would be too strong a taste. Or you could buy a few bunches (enough to get 1/4 cup of fronds) and roast the bulbs as a side dish another day.

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