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I lok forward to street crepes every time I visit Paris. I saw one of those electric crepe griddles at M. Hillard's. I'd have take it home if it hadn't been so large and heavy and worked on the wrong sort of electricity and my wife would have killed me and -

I think of crepes suzette as a very "Julia Childs" dish along with Steak au Poivre, and Coq au Vin.

Mini Critic's outfit turned out AWESOME, Meg! You've missed your calling--should've gone into costume design!
I'm ringing you next time I need a brilliant costume idea.

Thanks, Taina! As usual, I put off the actual work until the very last moment, which is why only the very front of the headband is beaded! ; )

I'm not looking forward to the day when he joins the flour-throwing brigade!

The mini-Critic's outfit is grand, but I like the smirk even better!

I miss a wonderful crepe restaurant we used to frequent in Mexico City... Ham and cheese was a favorite, then the Cajeta and Pecan one for dessert!

Monica, I made Cajeta and Pecan crepes based on Rick Bayless' recipe about a year ago and never got round to writing it up. They were FANTASTIC. A lot of work, mind you, making the caramel sauce. But it was completely worth it once a) I tasted it and b) the compliments started coming in!!

I really should get that book out again one of these days, as I haven't had a bad recipe from it!

Send picture, please.

A proud Grandma.

Proud Grandma, if you click on the phrase "fancy costumes" you'll see a photo. His dad took much better ones (he was grumpy because he was hungry when took the photo - note the piece of bread in his hands) where he was smiling more. I'll try to post them on the .mac site later this week!

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