Comments: IMBB23 - Vive La France (or actually French Canada, eh?)


That looks oddly appealing. In a kind of sick way...

You drove to the Cheese Castle? Every time we pass that place in the car, it cracks me up.

Justin, the Cheese Castle is a destination. Inside are the most amazing examples of heart-clogging encased smoked meats and curdled milk products.

You should never drive PAST the Cheese Castle.

You should only drive TO, and then FROM the Mars Cheese Castle

Barrett, interestingly enough my Larousse Gastronomique has the following to say about Poutine:

"A dish from the south of France, consisting of a mixture of tiny young fish, particularly sardines and anchovies which are fried like whitebait. The name comes from the dialect of Nice, from the word poutina (porridge). Poutine can also be made with poached fish sprinkled with lemon and oil, and can be used to garnish a soup or fill an omelette."

Bizarre, no? I have never heard the word "poutine" to mean "mess" though the porridge one sounds logical to me.

Anyway, thought you'd be interested in what it means on this side of the pond!

Well, I'll have to make the family stop there next time we're in Kenosha to visit the Grandma. There's been a lot of hype about the place (not only from you), but up until now it has only been an unattained dream of mine. Do they have cheese-related rides and games as well, or is that just fanciful hopefulness? I suppose if they don't, the Dells do.

Justin, there aren't any now, but cheese related rides would be marvelous! They could have them all along a Mid-Whey.

Meg, that's interesting. I'm taking my French language knowledge from the Wikipedia, so I can't vouch or decry their definition.

Maybe it's Franco-Canadian slang?

I just had to wade in- I never thought I'd see homegrown fast food worming its way onto a food blog. You are brave, brave soul Barrett. I've always been too scared to try poutine since the day a friend decided to eat a batch before an exam. I'll leave the results to your imaginations; suffice to say it was noisy for us and painful for her.

Thanks for all the historic tidbits- it's usually just taken as a Quebec thing across the country, with little thought to origins.

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