Comments: How to Juice a Lime (and make a pair of Mojitos)


Wow. That makes me dream of summer days on the terrace with lovely cold drinks...and then I look out my window at a grey Paris sky.

Thanks for the tip about juicing - I'm definitely going to try it next time, because it's true that reaming them is a pain in the butt!

THOSE are some fine looking mojitos!

The mojito is another place where my tastes and my wife's tastes diverge. She is not a fan of mint, and mojitos kind of gross her out. I could drink a pitcher of them easily.

I'll try the juicing trick. I currently have two juice methods for citrus. The first is to roll it, and stick a fork in the side then ream the insides of the lime with the fork. The second method is to halve the fruit, then put it in this special Mexican hand press that turns it inside out and squeezes the bejeezus out of it.

I'll set up an experiment this weekend to see which of the three methods produces the most juice/fruit and report back.

So THAT's why there are so many bejeezuses floating around my kitchen! The lime press set them loose!

I like some lime and mint in my glass, but in the picture it looks more like a glop of spinach... :-)

Perhaps caipirinhas for The Redhead instead? I didn't get to have one with lunch today at the Brazilian steakhouse. :-(

Caipirinhas for The Redhead are a good and similar alternative. But can you get cachaça? I can't find any here and I regret not bringing a bottle back from Brazil. Very short sighted of me. You could always do them with vodka for a caipiroshka. I would use Baileys Irish Cream as a substitute of last resort.

You can also put the lime into the microwave for 20 seconds or so beforehand, which will soften it up for even more effective juicing.

: D

Okay dude! That's really very useful tutorial. I think now I can make lime juice by myself. Thanks for encouraging allocation. :)

The mint in the photograph is severely over-pounded. The idea is to bruise the leaves not rip them to shreds.

A lot of people won't like the drink photographed because it will be full of little bits of mint. Shouldn't be done like that.

I like a touch angostura bitters in my mojitos - just a splash added in at the end lowers the sweetness which can be overpowering for some.

Shouldn't really shake it either, a short stir is enough, if you shake it you will chip the ice. Best bet is just to make it in the glass.

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