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It is 11:23pm, on monday night, and I have JUST regained a twinkling of my "normal" life, after vacation with children, enough to read the blogs that I read.... You have no idea how touched I am that you thought of me. For it is certain that I was thinking of you and the missed opportunity to meet Barrett. There will be a next time, won't there? :)

Down and safe. We had a great time in Paris (and briefly in Amsterdam), but the highlight was seeing Meg, Critic and the delightful Critic-of-the Future. We'll be back.

(And we'll give you more details on some of the bullet point items Meg's laid out for you here).

Oh, that sounds like a wonderful visit!

Such fun and food! (Glad you touched down safe and sound, Barrett!)

Glad to hear you both got home safely, but sorry you had to go home. The boy is wondering what happened to his playmates!

Meeting foodie bloggers in person is so much fun! Especially when they are as pleasant and interesting as they seem on their blogs. And even more so when it's at a party where they have prepared the food!
Lucky me. Thanks, Meg, Barrett & David!

Remind me never to use the bathroom chez Meg ever again!

What a meanie...

Yep, you just stop by for a glass of water and to wash your hands and suddenly people confiscate your blondies and rocky road cookies and claim some kind of friendship thing...

I'm getting a plaque made up next week for the building!

(And in case anyone misinterpreted David's comment - as I did when I first read it - our toilets are PERFECTLY respectable!)

...I just don't want to get trapped inside, like Barrett did (you meanie.)

Oops, how embarrassing not to pick up on a reference to my own story! I would plead that back in those days I was a) young and foolish and b) influenced by the Abusive Ex-Girlfriend.

I am a much nicer person now as I hope Barrett will attest. And I'm more creative in my pranks...

Heh, heh, heh...

Um, Meg? I haven't unpacked yet. Anything I should know?

I have to say I was pretty ticked at the time. Especially since I was locked in the shower/bidet room and not the room with the actual toilet.

In point of fact, I had nothing to go on...

Quote: In point of fact, I had nothing to go on...

That's okay, Barrett, we also turned out the lights (with the switch outside the bathroom)! : )

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