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Dear Meg, thank you for all your kind words - which are also, in a different sense, very comforting since I have got a nasty flu as well. And you know, there may be good ingredients, but the main point is the cook who uses them ! Well done ! I am really happy that you liked the result. Interestingly enough, as told in my post, I also "owe" to you that I finally have found the risotto rice I have always been looking for. Evidently when buying something for somebody else I take much more time and happen to find the right thing... By the way, it will be a pleasure to take you to the shops for replacing the ingredients, and then we can continue in my kitchen and spend the rest of the evening in our "Cantina" celebrating life.... always welcome ! All the best to you and take care, angelika

"It's all the Critic's fault, as he never brought me back a big bag from Turkey when he went there on business..."

...just so readers are aware, my never-to-be-forgotten crime of visiting Turkey and omitting to bring back saffron, dates back 10 YEARS. Heaven help me if I return from my current visit to Mexico without jalapenos!

At least you've learned!

I've heard from several different sources that the best saffron comes from Spain (some say Iran but I wouldn't know, never having tried Iranian saffron). So you can forgive The Critis :-)
We're lucky to have an authentic Spanish grocery store in the 17eme! It's on rue Jouffroy d'Abbans--can't remember the number but between Malesherbes & the train station, so not too far from you. You can get real saffron there, plus tons of other Spanish goodies.
Looking forward to tonight's party, and meeting your OTHER Other Half!

Taina, looking forward to seeing you too!

Now I can blame myself on the saffron issue, because we were both in Spain the summer before last and it didn't occur to me to buy saffron. I know the Spanish shop you mean and will definitely have to pick some up the next time I'm in the neighborhood!


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