Comments: Chocolate Chip Banana Cake


I will speak for the speech-less toddlers and say "it was deelish!"
Thanks for posting the recipe Meg, and looking forward to TMC's 2nd Anniversary Party!

Taina, thanks for the reminder that I need to send out a reminder about the party!

Anyone else who is interested in coming along on Saturday to help celebrate 2 years of TMC, please send me an email (

Getting back to the banana cake, I made another one the day Barrett and Rebecca arrived and this time I reserved a handful of chocolate chips and sprinkled them over the cake just before putting it in the oven to ensure an even chocolate distribution.

The Critic went back for thirds, and he doesn't like bananas. Barrett and Rebecca had seconds on the day they arrived and finished the remainder the next morning. A success!

There is something so right about the combination of bananas and chocolate, isn't there?

Definitely! I thought I was being clever by adding the chocolate chips, but Barrett told me it's a "classic". Nothing new under the sun, I guess!

Could you use ordinary milk if you don't have buttermilk?

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