Comments: Technical Hiccups


Yay!! So glad to see you're back online today!


So are we, Elizabeth!

I was getting worried when I kept getting the "account suspended" message.

I was like--NO! I need to know what Barrett and Meg are up to! They -can't- disappear!

See Barbara, I think that's the problem. We blew through our bandwidth. We need to start alienating more readers.

Though if anyone has a good tip on an MT-friendly hosting service that can hande 50-80Gb traffic/month for not TOO much scratch, please pass it on to me at

We have a very generous offer to have it be hosted by a good friend, but if we don't have to take advantage of him like that, I'd prefer not to.

Barrett, .net seems to be down. .com is OK. Might want to check into it.

I have the exact opposite thing at work. I thinkits DNS propogation.

I'll ask Zak and my other net-saavy friends to see what they say on that server thang. Me, personally, I have no clue. I don't speak the internet lingo. (Or to paraphrase Bones McCoy: "Dammit, Jim! I'm a writer, not a technie!")

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