Comments: Quinoa Veggie Jambalaya


Justin, I'm very glad you were able to join the crew.

I heard compliments on this dish from someone who also complained that on a recent visit, you guys filled him up with mojitos at high altitude and then wouldn't let him dance.

He seemed to think this dish almost made up for that.

Welcome! Sounds like a fantastic dish...though mojitos sound even better...

; )

Now it's really Too Many Chefs around here...rather than Two Many Chefs!

David, stay tuned - you may see another (return) chef posting soon.

Barrett, did that someone say that with alcohol and a lack of oxygen, he was bound to reinjure himself and in fact it was he who requested said restraint?

Why no, no he didn't. Of course he was under the influence of the mojitos at the time, so I'm sure it just slipped his mind...

You know, all this talk about mojitos is making me think maybe we should take our lime discussion to the pages of TMC in a future post...

Sounds like a meal worth trying! How is quinoa packaged and where should I look for it in the grocery store?

Monica - I find it in bulk-food sections or in Chicago at Sherwyn's on Diversey near Clark.

Justin - I think you have your next post! (But remind me - you put the lime IN the coconut and THEN shake it all up?)

1) The oxygen-deprived mojitofied person in question has no recollection of ever requesting restraint-of-dance.

2) If I've told Mr. Fisher once, I've told him a thousand times: this dish should clearly be called "Quinoambalaya".

Add also, coriander (cilantro), tarragon, turmeric, piece of parsnip, wild/basmati brown rice; slow cook in slow-cooker/crockpot. Soooo delicious!

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