Comments: Cracking Toast, Gromit!!


Aw! PG Tips is my morning tea, lightly sweetened and with cream. They didn't have that promo here in Chicagoland. I got a boot-shaped mug at the holidays which my parents brought back from Germany - equally 'fun' to clean!

dang... I found someone who ships to Switzerland and bid on two... and I'd sworn not to ebay for at least a month... :P

Oh, you wicked lady! I have been away from ebay for quite some time, too....

I'm so jealous! My husband would just die if I could get one of these for him. Americans miss out on all the best stuff!

That's fantastic! I'm heading to ebay right now. Think, if I hadn't randomly typed in "Cracking toast, Gromit" because I like that phrase and had just eaten some excellent tea and toast, I'd never have known this mug existed. We don't have PG Tips in Canada as far as I know.

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