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That's entirely the wrong sort of mixer. It should be green. :)

What a great present! I bought the Redhead a mixer for Christmas our first year in Chicago, but I seem to have used it more than she. Of course she gets to enjoy the products of the KitchenAid industrial process.

She has been using it more frequently recently. I found a batch of chocolate chip cookies when I came home last night, and she made a beer bread that didn't quite come out right, texture-wise, but that tasted great.

I prefer not to think of the KitchenAid mixer as a Rolls-Royce product but as a workhorse. I'll never be able to afford a Rolls-Royce, but I will always have a KitchenAid.

Why would anyone want a green one when fire-engine red exists? The Critic toyed with the idea of a chrome one to go with the theme of our kitchen until he saw the price tag. (There is a limit to his fascination with chrome, though it's a pretty high one...)

I am glad, though. I love the red one. And it matches the red poppies on our kitchen tiles.

Green would have clashed with the light green tiles (as seen in the photo) i am sure.

For me it's a Rolls because it's a lot more expensive than similar products, it's smooooth and runs forever and it's a classic. I loved reading the documentation, which was very short and basic. If your machine is not adjusted correctly (reading between the lines: this is almost inconceivable) here is what you do to adjust the height. Oiling the machinery: this is so well made you should not ever need to oil the machinery. It's certainly not a VW bug!

Here is the deal, Meg--it may be more expensive--but it will last you forever. The one that I have that Zak and I got from his parents for a wedding present twelve years ago has been through all sorts of hell and about six moves. I have used it for all sorts of heinous things, and it works beautifully. (BTW--Barrett--it is green, too!)

But, Zak discovered when he took to making artisanal breads with it, that the stiffer bread doughs were too harsh on the motor. We learned from a baker friend of ours here in Athens that when ours was bought, all the gears in those models were high impact plastic--not metal. Recently, Kitchenaid went back to all metal gears.

We are going to take the green one to get it refurbished, and use it for smaller jobs.

Because--ta da! Zaks parents wanted to get us something really nice for our new kitchen for my 40th birthday, so the bought me the most powerful Kitchenaid on the market, in bronze so it matches the kitchen, and with a meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachment.

I used it to make bread for its first outing--it is amazing. Puts it all together in no time at all. A beautiful machine.

What will happen with the green one? Well, it will live in the teaching kitchen until Morganna gets her own home, and then I will give it to her.

And I suspect, that she will give it to her own child in time....

Meg, This isn't a gift you hope to GET from your grandchildren, it's something you will leave them in your will! I've been using mine for 35 years now and it's still going strong - original dough hook, splash guard, and all.

There must be something in the water - baking bread abounds! Anyway, your gift looks amazing and shiny and beautiful and I love the fact that you've already gotten such good use out of it. Isn't it lovely getting useful presents that also make your heart sing? Anyway, happy cooking.

I was given a fire engine red magimix last christmas. Made in France, this ferrari has a 10 year guarantee on the motor.

A red kitchen aid is next on santa's shopping list!

Heh. Here I am procrastinating from going to hand mix sandwich bread dough and what do I see? Talk about guilt!! And I'm not even Catholic.

Okay okay, I'm going! Can I borrow your beautiful new mixer? The red would go PERFECTLY in our kitchen!


(Our sandwich bread is very similar to your recipe except I substitute olive oil for the butter and don't bother scalding the milk - apparently the milk scalding is only necessary if you are using raw milk. I gather that the heat processing on milk that most of us buy at the store is enough to destroy the enzyme that inhibits yeast growth)

Barbara, the box says "all-metal construction" so hopefully I've got one of the new ones. I should have done some research before dropping my hint, perhaps!

Mar, I will be letting your new little granddaughter know to expect a KitchenAid from her grandma!

Pussy, I am storing a Magimix for a friend in my basement storage and you have no idea how tempting it is to move it up to the kitchen!

Elizabeth, I've always wondered about the scalding issue. Both of my grandmothers had a number of little rituals that seem awfully quaint (and time-consuming) today. The Austrian grandmother used to crack each and every egg she used into a separate saucer before putting them in whatever dish she was making. I also skip her step of meticulously inspecting each lentil before putting it in her soup...though I have to admit I have once or twice ended up with a small stone in my spoon!

So next time perhaps I'll be brave and bold and use cold milk and olive oil! I think as long as I use butter, though, I may as well scald the milk so it will serve to melt the butter...

I just stumbled on your site, and I got a KitchenAid for Christmas this year too! And I have all the exact same feelings regarding same: Longing to own one for well over a decade (and I'm only 31), complete inability to afford one, hinting towards the gifting of one, not really expecting anyone to actually shell out that kind of cash for little ole me, uncomfortable mix of elation and guilt when my in-laws presented me with a chrome/grey one (hey, it goes with everything and doesn't show dirt). And then the scrambling to make absolutely everything I possibly could with it. I baked so much bread, I ran out of flour in a weekend. And the New Years egg nog. Oh! The Nog! Incredible! So easy! So light and fluffy! The cloud-like whites so well-incorporated with the paddle attachment! Neither deflated nor tenuously floating on top!

It sits on my kitchen island (well, rolling bar table that sits in the middle of the kitchen), gleaming, ever at the ready, strong and silent. I pet it every time I pass it to get to the fridge. Oh my KitchenAid, how I love you so!

I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone in these rapturous yet mixed feelings.

Be brave, Meg! You can use hot water to melt the butter. When I do use butter for bread baking (for making raisin bread or naan) I use the water to melt the butter.

Heh. I am like your Austrian grandmother and always crack eggs separately as well. It's so much easier to fish shell out. (Ever since I saw the original "Sabrina" on a TV late night movie I always have to crack eggs one-handed. Yup, it's all Audrey Hepburn's fault.)

I actually use powdered milk. I also boil water to add to cold to get the lukewarm water for proofing the yeast. I gather it is NOT a good idea to use water from the hotwater tap. As I understnad it, there is the possibility of toxins that have built up in the hotwater tank.

Apparently, they (that ubiquitous 'they') say you don't have to proof yeast anymore either as long as you are using it before its "best before" date. But I still like to because I love seeing the yeast bubble up. :-)


Oh my dear, there's no need for guilt here. Certainly, at first, it feels like plenty of money. But you will never run out of uses for this lovely tool, and you will never be without it. Someone gave me one ten years ago, and I've lugged it back and from to New York in my moves across the country. I'll never be without it.

I've always found my KA just awesome. It was a great day when my wife bought it for me as a present. However, as I baked more I would frequently find myself attending to the mixer with cold towels to keep it from over heating as I mixed extra large batches of dough! My wife then did what I didn't think possible and gave me another mixer that I love even more. A magic mill deluxe Both mixers are works of art both functionally and aesthetically. The Magic Mill operates so much differently that everyone that sees it in operation has to come over and watch it for a while. Plus you can mix obscene amounts of heavy dough in it!

Mine is cobalt blue and I love it. I saved up all my credit card points to buy it a couple of years ago. I've gotten the grinder and the pasta maker attachments - have used the former but not the latter. My folks got me an extra bowl for it for Christmas this year, which is such a treat if you're doing a lot of cooking at one time.

Meg--fear not. KA went back to all steel construction two years ago, or a year ago, so I am sure you have one of the good ones.

BTW--did y'all know that KitchenAid is made by the same folks who make Hobarts--which are the big honkin' mixers that they use in professional bakeries for batches of 100 loaves of bread?

What is cool about them is that they look like giant KA's--only they don't come in cool colors.

But they are as tall as I am, and you could bathe a couple of kids in the bowls. Working with them was like being in a Maurice Sendak book or something! It was cool!

I couldn't agree more! I'm in love with my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, and it too is red! So many things to make - so little time.

Love reading your blog.

I have the same KA mixer, but mine's in black. By the way, that mixer is 4.5 quarts right? But yours have a handle, just like mine. I thought 4.5 quart mixers dont' have handels in the bowls. ...

I have had my Cobalt Blue KitchenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer for about four years now and this machine was worth every cent. It has mixed everything from cookies and cakes to bread and mashed potatoes. I have read about the drive gear problems with these older models so I don't over stress it. Good luck with yours and may it serve you as well as mine. By the way does anyone have the ice cream maker attachment? I was wondering who well it works and if it is worth the money.

I have had my Cobalt Blue KitchenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer for about four years now and this machine was worth every cent. It has mixed everything from cookies and cakes to bread and mashed potatoes. I have read about the drive gear problems with these older models so I don't over stress it. Good luck with yours and may it serve you as well as mine. By the way does anyone have the ice cream maker attachment? I was wondering how well it works and if it is worth the money.

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