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Dear Meg, how happy I am to read that the box arrived safely - and even more delighted I am to feel that you like the goodies I have stored in it for you. And I have just posted a story around this package, also for me it was somehow unusual how it went this time, but better read ... and since I had such a bad conscience for not enclosing a recipe I have posted it as well ! So whenever you have time, please check out. Meanwhile I have added your beautiful site to my "daily feedback", at least in my mind, since I wanted to keep the secret... so I hope from now on we will keep in touch. I hope you are better by now, take care - a kiss to the little boy and a BIG HUG to you from your grandparents' homeland, angelika

What a lovely package! It's lucky the Boy didn't unwrap the chocolate before giving it the wet kiss... The Panforte Senese sound fabulous. I now will be adding angelika's site to my round of online haunts.

Thanks, Angelika - I'll certainly be using your recipe and will report back! I've also added links to your site. Sorry, but it was late when I finished writing last night and I was tired...

(Also, my Mac doesn't allow me to lazily click on a button to create a link; I have to actually type the text out...which means looking up the code...)

hi meg, glad you received it and were happy with the contents... i think it's time we organised a culinary trip to austria at some point, i've had so many foodbloggers who're interested ina little tour there - wine tasting, eating, culture... but before we do that, i am waiting for you to come to london as promised!
hope you're all feeling better now...

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