Comments: Pasta Eggs


Waow ! amazing !

wow! what an idea.

That is hilarious! (in a good way)

We have some chicken shaped egg cups that we hardly ever use. Suddenly I have an urge to put pasta eggs into them!!


Wonderful! What about leaving some of the egg in the shell as a binder for fragile foodstuffs?

Patrick. in the recipe, I mix in a bit of egg with the pasta before stuffing the pasta mess into the shell.

I think you really want to clear the egg out of the shell in its entirety first for health reasons. Also, you get to more closely control the egg/pasta mixture if you mix it outside before stuffing.

Great idea! Love your creation!

Before I read the bit about baking them in the oven, I wondered why you wouldn't just put them in plastic Easter eggs... that might work for microwaving... maybe?

Never mind me... totally ingenious of you!!

Grommie - I don't have those plastic eggs hanging around, but I will giv eit a shot come Easter. Great idea.

I'm joining the chorus but it really is a neat idea. What a cool way to present pasta.
Great entry!

I'm joining the chorus in demanding that the next noodles be shaped into llamas. I just like to say llamas.

I love it. Great idea and a very nice picture. Must be the camera.

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