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"but we're going for something like what a 1970's American school lunch Thai dish would be if such a thing existed."

You know--early in the morning, sans coffee--that line struck me as both brilliant and absurd.

I have to admit that at first, as I read this post, I was utterly repelled. And then, as I read along, I got sucked in and found myself nodding, and then, I suddenly wanted to make this for breakfast.

You know, but instead of marmalade, for the jelly bit--I would use that Thai bottled barbeque sauce made for grilled chicken--it is basically a very spice reddish-pink sweet and sour sauce that I think of as "Thai chile jam."

I'd cut down on the Rooster (the most sacred of hot sauces, yeah and verily) and add some of that Thai chile jam, and man--that sounds way good.

I be it would be even better on toast. Oh-and I might be tempted to thin it out with coconut milk--if I had some laying around. Which, in this house, sometimes even happens.

Great post.

Geez. I really need to creep off and get coffee.

You did toast the bread.

Ai ya.

I am personally a big fan of the peanut butter and salsa sandwich.

Barbara, The Redhead was out when I made the peanut butter mix, and looked at me very skeptically when I told her what it was.

She ended up giving it a try and loving it, though she would use less of the rooster sauce, too. Hey, I like it hot, what can I say? Her description of the recipe was "a grown-up peanut butter and jelly", and she used apricot jam instead of orange marmalade.

I've been given the green light to continue my mad-science experiments with the pb&j.

You weirdo hippie commie, Barrett. That is one radical sandwich!

Nice photo, too, by the way!

Let me restate--I would only use less of the Rooster if I was using that Thai chile barbeque jam stuff as the "jelly." Trading one heat for another, as it were.

If I were going "sans jelly," then it would be all Rooster, all the time! I like stuff hot.

Great idea, however mad, Barrett! I suppose if you wanted to embellish the American idea of potato chips on a PB&J, you could put some crispy fried wonton strips in there for some extra crunch.

Looks delicious

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