Comments: Gratin aux blettes


Nutmeg is just great with anything dark and leafy.

Why do I think the decision on whether to share with the Critic may have been more focuses on your own food likes than on his dislikes? :)

I made this last night. I didn't know how much longer to cook the chard once I added the leaves, but I guess I let it go another 5 minutes or so and that was good enough. I had about 2 ounces of proscuitto that I wanted to use up, too, so I cut it up and threw it in there. Very tasty!

Jules, I guess I wrote the recipe in too much haste. About five minutes is right, just enough time to wilt the leaves. Glad you liked it! Proscuitto sounds like a great addition. (When is ham EVER a bad addition? ;) )

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