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Hay, that's me up there. What's going on? Hey, I'm famous on the Internet! Wahooo!!

Now if I can learn to stop accidentally cutting myself I'll be doing just fine.



I feel famous today! That gives me a valid excuse to buy a new stockpot from Amazon and hire an assistant chef to chop onions.

Biggles - I hear you're huge in Japan, too.

Rosie - Glad to help promote the expansion of the global economy!

I really loved the rehabilitated knife post. I am pretty sure I said so on your blog Biggles, but if I didn't, I am saying so here.

Dr. Biggles I'm pretty sure that I unfeelingly read the post, thought it sounded great and forgot to tell you how great it was. I'd better go do that now!

And if you find the secret to not accidentally cutting yourself I'd greatly appreciate it if you let me know before you patent it. Or after if the cost is less than my annual income...

: )

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