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You know the idea of allowing diners to stir in the ingredients to their own taste is actually pretty common here in Paris for a classic steack tartare, so you aren't being that much of a rebel! Love the creative ingredients, though - and especially the nifty graphic!!

Meg, I think that's where I got the idea. A million years ago you and I went to restaurant near Les Halles and I had the steak tartare with a variety of mix-ins. It was lovely.

My graphic numbers 5-7 are hidden. Is it my old computer, or are they all obscured by the 2004 Food Blog Award poster?

mother-in-law, (Rosalind, is that you?):

You've got a screen that's just too low resolution, I think. I believe you're looking at a 640x480 screen. For best viewing you should have a 1024x768 screen.

Weren't we going to spec you out a new computer at one point?

I MUST do this; it looks fantastic! We are huge salmon lovers and are always looking for new ways to enjoy it.

Do you think kids would like this dish? My 12-year old daughter does enjoy salmon quite a bit. What do you believe are the most kid-friendly salmon recipes? Besides my 12-year old, I have a 10 and 7 year old.

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