Comments: Food Blog Awards 2005 - What I Like About the Competition


Thanks Barrett, glad you enjoy the site. Let us know if you come to town!

You make me blush, Barrette. Thanks.

I owe you a big thank you, Barrett. First, for nominating my blog and now for this plug in.
Thank You!

and you got my vote.:)

Indira, you're more than welcome. I calls 'em like I sees 'em and I think you're running one of the best food blogs out there these days.

The fact you focus on a cuisine I love, but have not cooked much of is just more reason to love your site.

Thanks so much, Barrett - I've just seen this post today. I enjoy your digs much too! 8)

Great reading, keep up the great posts.
Peace, JiggaDigga

Were can I find some more free recipes on line?


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