Comments: Stinky Pete's Straight-up Chunky Guacamole


Hmmm...I love guacamole.

So...after taking that picture you put most of the guacamole into a tall container with lime slices, right? I can't wait to have some when I get home. :)

Help, I'm having problems adjusting...

Actually, that sounds remarkably similar to my guacamole. I wonder which came first?

; )

Rebecca - in fact there is a tall container with a bunch of guacamole in our refrigerator as I speak. When you get home from work - enjoy!

Meg - did we ever make guacamole together? I don't know that I ever had yours. Or maybe you also visited that bar in Pilsen where Stinky Pete held court?

I'm pretty sure we probably made it once or twice back in the Dark Ages when we had a cement front yard and a second-hand barbecue grill...though whether you, I or we made it I couldn't say.

Meg, if it was that long ago, I'm sure you made it. I'd have figured out some way to burn it back then.

I was born in Mexico and I would be proud to eat this. Hmm, perhaps I should have first asked if you believe in paid endorsements. Oh well, consider that one a freebie.

Monica, you never happened to run into a short, smelly, blonde, wrinkly guy with a tongue piercing while you were in Mexico, did you?

Many, actually, but at least none were relatives. I do have a cousin named Pedro, but he is not particularly stinky. Well, except for too much cologne on occasion. That's teenagers for you.

I thought Stinky Pete was a friend of Woody's?

Meg, that's just coincidence. If you look in the phonebook in certain cities under "Pete, Stinky" or "Pete, S.", you'll see six or seven names, I'm sure.

Ah, hell, I beat all of you out--I posted about guacomole way back in the summer sometime. ;-)

I think Stinky Pete is one of my cousins, which would mean he isn't really Mexican, but West Virginian. I think he is one Duck and Jick's brothers. (No, I did not make up Duck or Jick. They are my cousins. They may be dead by now, though....)

Anyway, on to quacamole--so long as one does not adulterate it with Miracle Whip or sour cream, and one does not puree it unto death, and one does not fear the chile, cilantro or lime, one can make good guac.

Mine has even convinced Zak, who is affronted by the idea of guacamole, that it is good. He even eats it.

Wonders never cease in this house. ;-)


This is almost exactly the way we make it, and my wife is Mexican. We'll give it a bit of a mash with a fork though, I find it helps the guacamole stick better.

Pete (yup, that's my real name..)

Barbara, you said Miracle Whip, but for some reason I pictured Cool Whip. Talk about a nasty mistake to make. Gag!

Well, they are both nasty, but Cool Whip would be nastier for sure.

Certainly if found in quac.


Love the chunkiness of your guac - only disagreement is the addition of garlic, which I've never seen done in the three areas of Mexico I've enjoyed it. The crunch of the onions doesn't need the competition.

But Marianne, without the garlic, Stinky Pete would just be known as "Pete".

I love the "hot" spike I get from the raw garlic in the guacamole. Even if it's not authentic, I think it adds something to the dish.

Barrett, if you like raw garlic, nothing compares to the cold potato salad at Meson Sabika in Naperville. I like garlic, but that stuff is nearly inedible it's so potent. I swear The Redhead would make you sleep in another room!

Ha! She already owes me one for coming back from a borscht party with a friend of hers where they sipped borscht, bit garlic cloves dipped in salt, then did a vodka shot.

Oh man did she have the garlic stink on that evening when I got home.

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