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Part Onion Soup and part Stilton soup!? You fool - you've crossed the streams! We'll never get back to 1985 now!

OK, actually, that looks really, really good. Just to remind people, Stilton is a blue cheese so it's got a beautiful salty flavor to it that would go with the broth and onions perfectly.

Bravo, Meg.

bloody marvellous, ingenious why didn't i think of that idea, Meg. Last time I had the French version, much as I love it, the gruyere formed a golf-ball like lump at the bottom. I can't really complain about having to eat so much melted gruyere cheese all in one mouthful, but the stilton sounds like such a brainwave. I doubt I'll be converting my local french bistro to it anytime soon tho...

(Always been meaning to make the FOsoup, here's an excuse!)

Thanks for the reminder, Barrett - the saltiness of the cheese is why I stipulated home-made or low-salt broth, but I forgot to say why.

Sam, my dear husband said afterwards, "It just goes to prove how an English cheese can make any French dish better!"

: )

I never thought of onion soup with Stilton but it sounds wonderful. Thanks, I'll have to try it.

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