Comments: Chicken in Champagne and Tarragon Cream


The nuttiness of the wild rice sounds like a great accompaniment! I have to admit, the grapes part made me go 'hmmm' but I would still try it. We HAD bubbly left over, but it hooked up with some orange juice in a glass yesterday morning and vanished shortly thereafter... Good luck with the lawyers!

I thought the grapes were a weird idea too when the Critic first made the dish for me (they are not in the Silver Palate version!) but actually they add a nice soft texture to the dish that goes well with the cream. And it's not that unusual to have a sweet touch - for example, you could have raisins in the rice instead for a similar effect on the taste and it wouldn't seem odd.

I loved this!! I omitted the grapes (I forgot them at rhe store) and added FRESH tarragon, it was fantastic. My sweetie went ape for it, and said "It's a keeper" (a very good statement in our house)

Tina, I'm so glad to hear it! Usually we only hear back from readers when recipes *don't* work, so it's lovely to hear someone else liked it too - thanks for taking the time to let me know!

This sounds like a great recipe to try, but I was wondering if I could substitute pasta for the rice, and if so, what kind would be best? And are there any adjustments I should make to the recipe?

I'm desparately searching for a recipe I used to make in college--25 years ago!!! This is the closest I've found although I don't remember making it with Champagne. Thanks for posting!

I remember this dish from my early twenties when I was dating my future wife. We had it at a place in NYC called Divino. I recall they wrapped the leftover in tin foil and made it into the shape of a swan. Ah romance.... I recreated the dish
from memory a few times and the result was only passable. This version adds tarragon and the result is magnifique!!!! I immediately add it to my arsenal of go to chicken dishes. Merci

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