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Ha! It makes me so happy to see that someone else admits to having a messy kitchen. This morning, I resolved to clean the kitchen every night before I go to bed, my only resolution for the year. I attacked it all morning. The floor still needs to be mopped.

I hope that, no matter the state of your kitchen, you have a great new year.

Shauna, my sights are set much, much lower. Tonight, I unloaded the dishwasher, put in the dirty dishes that could be machine washed, washed down the counters (but not the stove) and hand-washed crystal and silver. For me, that is fantastic. The floor and the stove-top can wait until the cleaner comes on Tuesday. (Yes the worst of it is how bad the kitchen can get while we actually have a cleaner once a week!! )

Still, it's a start. Maybe by next year this will be such a habit I can add a few more items. Maybe!

Oh, and a happy, healthy new year to you too!

I have the usual "live more healthfully" resolution that I more or less accomplish each year (hey, when you start from eating out every night, drinking two-three nights a week and never exercising as a bachelor, you've got a long way up).

The second resolution I have is to learn to cook Chinese food in 2006. I've never really tackled Cantonese or Szechwan food, and I think I should.

The third relates to the fact that this will be the year I move to Maryland (at the end of June), away from my lifelong base of knowledge and sources in Chicago. I resolve to find sources in Maryland to replace as many of the wonderful ethnic sources I have in Chicago as possible. I resolve not to fall into the "oooh, ethnic" in Aisle 3 at Safeway trap, but to find the best of the dinky bodegas and markets in the greater DC/Baltimore area.

Barrett--where in Maryland are you moving to? I used to live in the Columbia, Maryland area, and so can probably help you find ethnic goodness.

There is also a good adult education program through Howard County Parks and Recreation that has great cooking classes. I used to teach Chinese, Thai and Indian cookery through them--their other teachers are really good.

Also--if you need any help with learning Chinese food--let me know. The best piece of advice I can give you is get your wok as hot as possible, thin cast iron woks are better than thick ones, and better even than carbon steel, and do not be afraid of super-heating your oil.

Good luck!

Meg--cleaning the kitchen every night doesn't happen here, even with the new kitchen, but it happens -most- nights, which is better than I have ever been!

Happy New Year to you and good luck in your kitchen cleaning endeavors!

Barbara, look for an e-mail from me We're trying to determine where to move to right now. Columbia, Ellicott City, and Catonsville are all on our map right now.

I resolved to keep it moving in the same direction. Whisky bottle in one hand, oar in the other while going down the category 5 river of life upside down spinning out of control bumping from rock to boulder.


Dr. Biggles, that is not a bad description of my life as well. However, when there is crystal on the counters and the boulders jump out at you from behind the fridge it's not a bad idea to get the kitchen clean. We are on day three and so far the plan is working!

And - no surprise - it takes a lot less time to do each night if you were good the night before. Now if I could just get the rest of my life equally sorted out I could enjoy that bottle of whisky...

fred is a stickler for cleaning the kitchen.
All of it every night.
Even the drying up bit which is the point at which I would personally stop. i hate it at the time, but the next day when the cooking starts again, I always thank him for it.
Plus once its all done, he deserves a glass of scotch, right biggles?

Hey Sam,

OH !!! That's my problem right there. He gets his work done FIRST. Sigh, I've been doing it the other way around.
Probably too late to change habits I suppose. What's one to do?


I am looking for a shared use approved commercial kitchen in the Pasadena/ Los Angeles area.

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