Comments: Sur La Table Cans Blogger Over Rachael Ray Post


Jeez eh, now you've done it. You mentioned Her again.

What er ya? Crazy?

But then I'm glad you mentioned it, now I can keep my guard up. I wouldn't want to be canned from my glue factory job.


Hmm, I'll have to go check out those posts. A gift from my aunt this holiday was a year's subscription to the new RR magazine... I shall try to enjoy it in the spirit which the giftgiver intended.


I have a friend who was canned over his blog--it seems to be happening fairly frequently.

Which is why I only write things on blogs that I don't care if anyone reads. Meaning--I write what I mean and mean what I write, but, I am pretty well cognizant that there may be real world consequences to what I write and so, I keep that in mind.

As for the Rachael Ray magazine--I read the first issue and determined that I was not the target audience for the publication.

I also determined that she needs new food stylists and photographers because the food looks really unappealing.

Yeah, YAWN unless it's your butt on the street for a well written article whose trailing comments gets you fired. Sure if you're some well educated foof and can dodge and get another job at Microsoft, so be it. But for some of us it's damn hard to get a good job, decent paying or not.
I sent off a few paragraphs of a kind letter to Sur La Table about Donny's plight and offered they may have had some assbit who mislaid their noggin. Left my phone number too just in case they needed some verbal floggin'.


Dr. B - completely agree, whether it's a yawning issue depends on the person being fired! However, in his post the author says the stint was a "holiday job" so hopefully he wasn't seeing it as a long term career move anyway. Personally, living in this socialist state, I would LOVE to get fired as the economic impact would be small and I could spend up to 18 months looking for work on generous unemployment! (Maybe I should start mentioning my place of employment more often...*wink*)

Quote from Barbara:

As for the Rachael Ray magazine--I read the first issue and determined that I was not the target audience for the publication.

Well, that was very tactfully put, Barbara! It made me smile anyway!

I have a blog post about the RR magazine that I am sitting on until the new year when it will be posted--but not on Tigers & Strawberries. I am still tactful in my comments about the RR magazine, because unlike the folks who hate her, I think her essential message and purpose, which is to get folks who don't cook to try and cook, but at the same time, I don't like her way of presenting her message.

Haven't gotten my first issue yet... Barbara, I'll be looking forward to the post. My coworker - the RR Biggest Fan - might get the magazines shortly after they arrive at my house. Sigh, Meg, I'm jealous. Wish I could get fired with little economic impact resulting!

Monica, the only down side is that as a result of the great deal, it's very difficult to GET fired!

I don't know if that indeed was the original post. I've heard a few versions. Many companies prohibit employees from writing about them (I am sure if you work for EF Hutton, or Schwab, or IBM) they rather frown on people revealing 'behind-the-scenes' information.

I hear that Apple is suing one of the blogging companies to divulge the names of a few employees with blogs who have revealed design secrets.

I even know of restaurants that make new employees sign waivers that they won't make any of the dishes they make there at any other restaurant.

Meg, perhaps if we sneak away to a few more Salon de Degustations, we can get you fired after all...then we'd have more time to sample la bonne cuisine de France.
And we can blog litigation-free!

I think its appropriate to be circumspect in your writings that deal with your employer.

I won't write about a certain segment of the food industry because the leading company in that segment is the account that has sustained my employer for over 50 years.

I understand that I can't possibly be objective about them, and that my writings could help or hurt my career so to be fair to myself and our readers, I am neither critical nor supportive of the companies in that segment of the industry.

Rachael Rays people contacted SLT about his post, they didnt like a comment he made, and they had a really valid point. The comment really was problematic. No retailer would ever let an employee who did what he JOKINGLY claimed he did or have in his posession what he JOKINGLY claimed to have, remain in their employ. Its just too bad he cant talk about it, it could clear up his name and theirs. Rachael Rays people should get a grip though and learn to recognize humor when they read it.

The author made a comment (not in the article but in the comments section) that he had her CREDIT CARD information and was going to go onto Ebay with it. While I'm sure it was only a joke, it was done in poor taste and it's no surprise that he was fired because of it.

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