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The astute may have noticed that the recipe calls for 1 bottle of dry sherry but only 3/4 of a bottle is actually used in the preparation. The Critic (and I for that matter) subscribe to the Keith Floyd Theory of Food Preparation, which calls for the cook(s) being sure to taste personally any and all alcohol that is destined to be used in a dish. We each had a glass of dry sherry while preparing the stuffing, thus accounting for the missing quarter of a bottle.

And for the record, this time around the stuffing was - to my mind - much less dense than usual. I don't know if this was due to the time in the microwave (which will have dried it out a bit) or the fact that we used a mixer to fold the ingredients together. Or maybe I'm just getting accustomed to the stuff? Heaven forbid! ; )

I wandered into this wonderful blog seeking the proper way to feed my "Merrican" family a Christmas roast with Yorkshire Pudding (albeit a day late because we were incredibly lazy, full of chocolate candies, and had way to much fun playing around with our Christmas gifts.)

Now, my mouth is watering at the thot of trying my hand at making "Toad in a Hole" also.

Hopefully, my clever son (and fellow dinner "chef") will translate the grams into whatever they should be over this side of the pond.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank both you, Meg and "The Critic," for your creative endeavors in the kitchen and on this blog. Vastly entertaining and it has now been added to my "Favorites" List.

Luv the name, btw!

Happy Holidays!


Moi again!

Forgot to mention that I adore dry sherry so my eyes perked up at the sight of sherry being an essential part of "The Critic's" stuffing recipe. I never thot of adding it to my own family triedNtrue mixture.

Thanks again!


I like the Critic - he should write more often. I also like Keith Floyd - more people should cook like he des. I also like the sound of the stuffing, even though the part about "ramming it hard" caused me to swiftly cross my legs.

Diane, we are working on putting together a page of basic conversions to make up for the mixed measurements in our recipes. I usually try to include Imperial and metric but sometimes forget. This is complicated by the fact that some things that are measured by volume in the US are measured by weight in Europe. I get requests frequently from European readers to translate into metric. In the meantime, if you send me a message to say which recipes you'd like "translated" I'll do my best to get an answer for you quickly.

Sam, I also was a bit disturbed by that portion of the recipe, but had sworn not to change anything but typos when I posted for him! Our Critic likes to be dramatic...

: )

Oh, and thanks, Diane, for the lovely compliments - we are so glad you enjoyed the site!!

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