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Two questions:

1) WHY HAVE YOU NEVER MADE THIS FOR ME?? (sorry for the shouting...)

2) Why do you have to remove the cardamom seeds from the pods? I would have thought the liquid would get at the seeds through the shell and the size would keep you from accidentally crunching down on a whole seed.

This looks like it's going to be my Stay-Up-Late-Wrapping-Gifts-And-Watching-I-Remember-Mama-Christmas-Eve drink this year....

Frankly Meg, you didn't deserve this glogg until now. :p Of course when we visit, (how's February?) I'll be glad to make up a batch.

You don't want cardamom pods because the pods themselves are kind of nasty and you might crunch down on one accidentally (Did I mention this is a highly alcoholic drink?). I'm also not sure what flavor the pod itself would add. The seeds themselves are pretty innocuous. In fact, I usually crunch down on one before I add them into a recipe. Love that flavor.

Why not ground seeds? Um, ask Mr. Goldwyn, on whose recipe I based mine. I don't actually see why it wouldn't work excpet tha tit might give you bit of grit in your glass.

Delighted to see that you like my recipe! I have been making it for 34 years now and continue to revise and improve it. You have a link to the article at, but the most current update is at

I have asked them to update it but they have not done it, so I would appreciate it if you would like to my site instead.

The recipe is simpler and better! My site also has some good barbecue recipes...

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