Comments: Pomegrante Granita (or Pomegranita!)


1) GORGEOUS photo - congrats!

2) GORGEOUS recipe - double congrats!

3) Did you juice the pomegranites yourself or find the juice somewhere??

By the way, i had a fascinating pomegranite dessert canapé tonight - they had envelopped the pomegranite seeds in gelatine and placed them on a green tea biscuit. When you bit into it, the seeds of pomegranite burst beautifully in your mouth. Not to take away from your recipe, of coures, but it was a funny coincidence to come back and read about another creative use of pomegranite!!

Oh Barrett, you didn't need to credit me! Thanks though.

All of these desserts were delicious, but I was especially spellbound by the shortbread, which I actually made myself last night (or at least a version of them). So thanks for the idea!

1. Thanks to Paul, who took the pctue with his amazing Nikon D50. (Yeah, it's the tool, not the photographer, that's it! Yeah...)

2. Thanks.

3. I opted for the easy out and bought some pomegrante juice in those fun bulbous bottles. I did have some fresh pomegranate seeds to sprinkle on top, but I forgot to sprinkle. They were delicious for breakfast, I will say.

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