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Yummy! Will try it tonight, thanks!

Your post brings back fond memories of my high schools ski club. Every Saturday and Sunday during the winter we would bus up to Devil's Head or Cascade for a day of skiing and err drinking. Hot buttered rum and peach schnapps were our favorites as they were easily transportable and undetectable in flasks. I still have "issues" with peach flavored items, but I think I'm at a point where I can now stomach hot buttered rum. Thanks for the drive down memory lane.

Barrett, Barrett. I am sorry but I cannot support any version of Hot Buttered Rum that does not require apple cider or juice. Otherwise, it's just a grog, something that sailors drank because they didn't have access to delicious ingredients.

And on a similar theme as the Candy Analogue theory of Sweth, it becomes an alcoholic liquid apple pie!

Oh and one other comment in defense of my eggnog recipe - although I used over a dozen eggs making it those many years ago for Christmas at my mother's, you'll see that my recipe below calls for two eggs and a cup and a half of liquid, just enough for two generous glasses. So you don't *have* to make a huge batch!!

See I'd consider the apple cider version a spiced cider more than a hot buttered rum.

Oh, a WBEZ mug... But it's probably not OK to enjoy this drink while listening to Eight Forty-Eight on a chilly Chicago morning. The Boss Lady would not be happy. Unless I made a mugful for her, perhaps...

Monica, you could listen to any of the fine shows on WBEZ with this drink EXCEPT "Hello Beautiful", which may induce physical illness.

glog from simon's on clark is the best. how do you make it?

Stay tuned, Susan. I plan to make a batch of glogg shortly which I will write up for Too Many Chefs.

Ok, now try it this way. Use sweet cream butter, cream it with the brown sugar and a little heavy whipping cream, unwhipped. Adds depth along with the double shot dark rum and grated nutmeg on top. I make a batch of this and it keeps in the refrig for a week or more.

Dear Barrett from Maryland:

My goodness gracious! 2005! So long ago! My husband, Gregg, and I were just enjoying a nice dark rum with coke (I know...I'm dating myself!)...and my husband asked me, "Did you ever have a Hot Buttered Rum Drink" -and I said, "No, I never have." So, I search the WEB...and here is your recipe! Your side-bar notations are so adorable! Thanks for posting this drink. After we finish our rum & coke...we will brew some black tea and try your recipe. Do you want to know that my husband bought brown sugar yesterday because it was on sale. I'm so excited! I will post again later. Thanks again! KittyCat1225 (Jeannie)

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