Comments: Spiked and Flavored Hot Chocolates


I tried David Lebovit'z hot chocolate the other day which was D-E-C-A-D-E-N-T! It had a very high pure chocolate to milk ratio. No alchol though. but that could soon be fixed I am sure.

Yum! Also good with some butterscotch liqueur and garnished with a butterscotch candy stick. We like to toss a couple squares/chunks of chocolate into the mug before adding the hot chocolate, and use the swizzle stick to blend it into the hot milk. Overkill, really. The Mexican hot cocoa tablets get a bad rap sometimes, but they are the traditional cocoa I grew up drinking. I love it! Do you have the right equipment - a molinillo?

Monica - I have no molinillo. I have a pan of hot milk and a fork most of the time. I don't get the foam, but we do have an espresso machine now that I think of it...

Oh man, Barrett, one of the handful of truly useful pieces of knowledge I brought out of the Black Hole Relationship (you know the one I mean) was the fact that the steam function on an espresso machine makes The Best Hot Chocolate. Trust me. (How do they say...) Frothy and hot and just perfect. If your recipe can be improved upon, this is the way to do it!

P.S. I also had the great hot chocolate childhood experience: my best friend who lived next door had her grandmother living on the other side and she frequently would call out into the back yard where we were playing "You girls want any hot chocolate??" And we'd troop into her basement and sip hot chocolate (with marshmallows) under the black velvet painting of the dogs playing poker. I kid you not. I had a privileged childhood.

And here is where I unveil my long-held Candy Analogue theory of hot chocolate: if the flavors make a good candy or cookie, then they make a good hot chocolate. As an example, Peppermint schnapps + hot chocolate (w/ dark chocolate) = Thin Mints = good.

Applying the CA theory, then, I'd predict that Port + Hot Choco = Raisinets = not bad.

You know, I bought some inexpensive port last night for use in glogg. I'll try the port and hot chocolate mix. That could be very dangerous.

No, dangerous is when you start experimenting with the CA theory, venture into the wonderful world of nougat Hot Choco, and then discover European nougat. A few weeks later, your friends find you wandering the streets wearing rags soaked in amaretto, frangelico, and triple sec, with honey and cocoa dripping from your face as you gibber about how close you are to making the perfect hot chocolate.

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