Comments: Event Reminders


Are you implying that Rachel Ray does not know how to cook?

I may be implying that you have no sense of humor.

Someone say 'hi' to Sara for me, since I'll be shopping the fine arts fairs in the 'burbs tonight. Field's won't be as annoying as it could be - my coworker Mary, an RRBF (that means Rachael-Ray's-Biggest-Fans, by the way), didn't want to drive into the city.

LOL - Annoying and Perky! So true. I can not stand her, yet it's fun watching her be a total tacky idiot on tv and overdoing it now!

I don't think it needs to be implied that she can't cook. It's a given!

Sara may be the better chef, but Rachel will be laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe Rachel could hire Sara as her personal Chef in a few years when she is forgotten and Rachel is making millions :)

Umm why would a REAL chef hire a tacky nothing like RR to cook for her. Rachael will wear thin on the public when she is loud and obnoxious and they see she is an idiot with nothing real to offer but meals that will lead to angioplasty and her stupid tacky anectdotes and language.

RR is another Rosie waiting to happen. The public also voted Bush in office a year ago, but people do recognize an idiot very quickly, which RR is.

At least Sara can get a real job as a chef. RR will irritate the viewers and be back in her cabin and in a diner cooking tacky meals.

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