Comments: Quickie Halibut


Sounds lovely and simple! We like halibut because it has a lot of magnesium and the Critic was diagnosed with a magnesium deficiency a few years ago. The doctor ran down a list starting with "do you have a twitchy left eye" and going through various aches and pains he'd been experiencing and that was the diagnosis.

Of course he also had some interesting views on the relationship between sunspots and world wars...but consuming magnesium rich foods cleared up the Critic's problems, if not the world's!

Hey, I'm new in the neighborhood. Just saying hello.

I've added you to my favorites in a folder titled "Fullerton," because that's my spot, and I've been in love with the idea of reading blogs in my neighborhood for about a thousand years. It's reason #823 I moved to Chicago from Akron.

Anyway, talk/comment to you later - I'll be reading!

-Colin Morris

I've been cooking a lot of halibut recently, too. Good stuff to work with, one version with a pasilla cream sauce went over really well.

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